The Passion of Photography

Passionnoun  pas·sion  \ˈpa-shən\ - a strong liking or desire for or devotion to some activity, object, or concept a passion for chess a passion for opera

Source: Merriam-Webster ( 

What is passion?

Passion as the dictionary defines it: a strong liking or desire for an activity or a devotion.  Being a photographer, being a creative, being an artist is about the singularity of devotion to the art, the study, the betterment of your abilities to create; to go beyond what you have accomplished. 

An instructor of mine, Robert Nowell, once told me that being a better photographer is not about being better than someone else; it is being better than your last photo shoot.  These few words have resonated with me so intensely because it is true. It is the most important piece of advise anyone has given me about photography and the business of photography.  Yes pricing, marketing and understanding how and what search engine optimization is are key components of being successful.  But if you lose your desire to photograph, if you lose your devotion, your mojo as some would call it and strictly focus on the business aspect of photography, the images you produce, the lack passion will show in your art. 

In today's world of photographic business and its cut throat competitiveness it is not difficult to lose yourself and the passion of photography to try to out do and surpass your competition.  I am not saying being competitive is not healthy, or not something with which to help fuel your passion. What I am saying is if you make that your sole purpose of being a photographer you will eventually lose out on being who you are and what you are; an artist, a historian.

For me photography is a business, as I have been slowly building up my business since September of 2016. I have stumbled even fell on my face a few times due to mistakes and or bad decisions.  But one thing I never lost was the joy and the excitement I receive when I am behind my camera and photographing the world through the eye I now see the world with.  From shooting a flower just blooming, to a corporate headshot, to a wine bottle; each and every image I take immortalizes what I saw, how I saw it and what captivated me in that moment.  Early on, I started to shoot everything and anything, just to have images on Instagram. The game being played by many of how many likes can this image get; one thing I learned from that lesson and learned it the hard way was how my passion for photography was waining.  I was shooting and capturing images which did not really speak to me or for that matter as an artist.

You may ask yourself what am I passionate about when I am behind the camera, well there are four major items which I can't stop or ignore capturing. 


Glamour / Artistic Portraitures

Seeing the transformation of my model before my eyes, the capturing of the soul through the lens of my camera


The WOW reaction from the individual when I reveal their images in printed format

Still Life Product Photography

Taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary!

Making a mass produced product and transforming it to something unique and special

Professional Headshots

The same as capturing the soul as I do in portraiture I exact the same devotion in head shots.


Immortalizing the individual's character, their spirit, their persona of who they are in one single image, which in today's electronic age makes a difference in how quickly you grab their attention.


Concert / Sports Photography


The last few vestibules of capturing the decisive moment is in these two genres.


The energy these two genres of photography provide is exhilarating and energizing


Hearing the roar of the home town crowd, the cheer for their favourite band, the music, the sound of athletes competing; all encompass the drive of passion.

So as you can see, the passion of photography can be captured in anything and everything I do.  Running a successful business is part and parcel of ensuring that you have that passion and maintain that passion.  If you would like to request a consultation with me and be part of my passion then click on the button and fill out the contact form and I will get back to you!