Photographers: storytellers, historians or guides


What is a photographer?  

What words and images come to mind if you were to be asked that question?  

The typical answers are of someone behind a camera, either professionally trained, or self-taught. Posing subjects, moving lights and backgrounds, telling the subject to smile and say cheese. This is the cliche photographer, not all of us do that. Alternatively, you could turn to a relative, or friend, who is an amateur, and takes a thousand pictures and hopes that a few come out really good.

Have you ever associated the definitions of storyteller, historian or guide in your description of a photographer?  Well maybe you should add them to your list of descriptive words for photographers.  Why should these words be associated with professional photographers? Simply put, we are all of these; each one utilized differently depending on the situation, the subject or the atmosphere we are photographing.


Wedding photographers are the best storytellers. Capturing the moments that will be remembered and immortalized of the couple joining their lives together forever.  A photographer creates a story through images, either through a series of shots or a single one eliciting an emotional response that can trigger smells and sounds of those precious moments in life. From the first kiss of a newlywed couple, to the way their partner's lips felt, and how their cologne or perfume smelled. A photographer can help you capture the images that will help you relive these times for the rest of your life. 

Photographers are historians that capture time in an image. They use their cameras as the medium in which to do so. Every image has impact, whether it is a family portrait or a wedding picture. These images have value not only of the moments we hold dear in our lives, but of those who shared them with us. A groom watches his bride walk down the aisle, the admiring stare of a partner looking at their loved one, or of a family bringing their newest addition home.  Every image has an impact on you, and places you back in that moment when revisited years later.


Many people I spoke to believe once you hire a photographer, they will dictate the images of your special day.  Let me tell you, I do not believe a photographer is the lead in a wedding photo shoot, or the lead in any photography session.  A photographers role is not to dictate but to guide the individuals being photographed.  They are the clients and they are in charge of what they want, however, as a photographer we guide our clients to produce the best images of themselves.

With that being said, a photographer is more than just a person behind the camera, they are the storytellers, guides, historians all of which make a professional photographer. Professional photographers are also skilled and talented at understanding you are the hero in this story of life, and we are simply the facilitators to immortalizing the story and creating your legacy!


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