Azzenix Photography reborn as Azzenix Still & Motion

The why of doing business!

Azzenix Photography was established in late 2017, having slowly built up the business and client base over the years and having been honoured with some amazing opportunities over the few years in business.

Capturing a first kiss after the “I Do” on the wedding day of many clients. The sheer joy and love shared among family members when everyone is together for a wonderful family portrait, resulting in albums being made for their legacies to remember. Photographing the milestones shared by individuals who have allowed Azzenix Photography the privilege to be part of it. Sporting events on an international and national level, artistic and musical events freezing the moments of exhilaration of a concert, or an artist showcasing their work at a gallery. All of these wonderful experiences, and shared joy with my clients, has been evoling to include video and cinematography.


As of the first of May 2019, Azzenix Photography has and will cease, and will be now called Azzenix Still & Motion.

Why the change, well for a few reason, I have incorporated a very good friend of mine as an associate who is strong in the cinematography and video editing aspect of the media.


Why is Azzenix Still & Motion changing our way of doing business, will we had to rediscover the core reason we do things and we had a few epiphanies during this journey of why we do what we do.

In a nutshell, the reason we do what we do is simply you!

Azzenix Still & Motion has always wanted to leave an impact, and not just an impact for our imagery and the legacy we provide our clients but we love the fulfillment we receive when you leave our studio and know the images you selected are what you want and Azzenix was a part of helping you achieve and help build and create your legacy.

With this change, we ask you our clients, past, present and future to be patient with us as we work out the kinks in our processes and workflows. You will still receive the incredible art work, and customer service, but now you will have a much more streamlined approach to reason why we do what we do.

Watch for these upcoming wonderful changes taking place, our website will be faster, and much more condusive to our mobile clients, as well as more of the cinematography being showcased, and to celebrate this wonderful shift in why we do what we do, promotional deals and specials for you our clients.

Do not hesitate to leave a comment, or if interested in learnign more and needing our services, please fill in the CONTACT FORM and we will be more than happy to have you as a client!