Pokemon Trainers Invade Azzenix Photography

I had the pleasure and I mean the immense pleasure of meeting Czarina Santiago and Justin Phaneuf a few weeks back. They’re kindred spirits, sharing the same interests as I do, Aliens, Dr. Who, Star Wars, Pokemon, as well as some major anime’s. How I was introduced to was simply I put out a casting call on the Mohawk College Facebook group, and the ad was answered by many. Well Czarina fit what I needed as a model for a series I am creating on mental health.

We had a simple meet and greet, with a small quick photo shoot, just to get used to each other and my style of shooting. Here is a photograph of the quick photo session when the three of us first met each other. After receiving a phone call from Czarina, asking if they could get some prints for them to hang on their wall and for a few family members. I asked them if they were willing to come in for a proper portrait session.

Pokemon Trainers Invade Azzenix Photography Studio

Pokemon Trainers Invade Azzenix Photography Studio


On a wet and slushy Saturday morning, Justin, Czarina came to Azzenix Photography Studio’s for their couples shoot. It was a wonderful experience, for all of us. The window light cascading into the studio, was perfect to provide the perfect lighting for the two of them.

There were so many beautiful images created this last Saturday, it was hard for me to even choose my favourites! I am looking forward for the two of them to choose their favourites for me to print for them.

Stay tuned for their choices posted up on the next episode of Pokemon Trainers Invade! If you are interested in having your images taken of you and your partner, just visit the Contact link and fill in the form!