Nathan & Maegan's Engagement Shoot

I met a beautiful couple; Nathan and Maegan on Friday June 9th to talk about their upcoming wedding and being their photographer of choice.  I left there being honoured to have met these incredible, fun, and amazingly spirited individuals. Who together on September 9th will become one and share their lives together!

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Great Causes and Photography

Before you read on, let me ask you something; how many of you volunteer your time?  How many of you will get your faces painted, wear a costume, even wear a tutu for a good cause?  I don't see a lot of hands; funny thing is I don't see any hands up, since I am staring at a computer screen as I write this.

Volunteering as a photographer, or if you are an organization finding a photographer who will do your event for a small fee or even simply volunteering is easy to find if you know what to ask or look for!

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The Passion of Photography

Passion as the dictionary defines it: a strong liking or desire for an activity or a devotion.  Being a photographer, being a creative, being an artist is about the singularity of devotion to the art, the study, the betterment of your abilities to create; to go beyond what you have accomplished. 

An instructor of mine, Robert Nowell, once told me that being a better photographer is not about being better than someone else; it is being better than your last photo shoot.  

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