A couple can be defined by so many titles and pronouns, however a couple is simply two people who are in love with each other.

I love photographing couples capturing the love only eyes can show, the slight touch of fingers; the slight touch which is just a second longer. I am always stoked about photographing a couple simply because I am being surrounded by the love a two individuals who are now becoming one generates.

The added bonus for me as the photographer is hearing the laughter as they relive or enjoy an inside joke or the story of how they met, and what they mean to each other.

Through that sharing I create and bring about the images you see here. The true testament and the beginning of their legacy together. is a beautiful thing, it shows the love that we all feel, the enthusiasm of new adventures, learning, sharing and immortalizing the moments we start to make into memories.

If you would like to capture those moments and begin to start a legacy, then check out our packages or alternatively contact us for a consultation.