We see them every day of our lives. From the selfies taken on a phone, to the single advertisements showcasing the latest fashion or event. Portraiture is all around us and for different reasons. What is your reason for wanting a portraiture? Is it because you have hit a milestone in your life; a life changing event has happened that needs to be immortalized through a portrait, or perhaps you want to give a special boudoir gift to your partner as a sign of your love and passion to them?

Whatever the reason you are wanting a portrait done it is a great way of truly seizing the moment and immortalizing it. What makes a great portraiture session, first and foremost is a connection between you and I. First thing you should ask yourself is do I like his style, do I want to be represented like this. Secondly is also how quickly we can create your perfect images, from a business, corporate head shot to a creative portrait in the city to simply wanting to have clothes that you worked hard to get into fitting properly and wanting to show the world your accomplishment.

Taking the time to understand your vision, to work together in creating a photographic legacy of your accomplishments and milestones. Take a moment to view the packages we offer from personal to corporate, boudoir to dudoir. I love to make peoples visions a reality!

Book a consultation with me and we can discuss and see if we are a good fit together to start creating your legacy!