Still life, product or food photography all have one thing in common; to build a need and want in a consumer so they will purchase or use your products or services. Well at Azzenix Photography, our goal is to do just that! We strive to ensure your still life is of the highest quality, creates a story and fits into your branding contacts. 




Product photography is not just a simple affair of taking an photograph of the product on the other side of the lens, but rather creating a desire, a want a need for the product. To stay within the brand of the producer to promote and relay the message the story of its products.

PRODUCT Photography

  • working with you to create the story of your products
  • complete campaigns and imagery for web and print
  • catalogue and lifestyle images provided
  • highest quality images
  • videography service available
  • on or off site photography
  • competitive rates


To give a consumer the want to eat your food, to choose your food to cook with is the goal at Azzenix Photography. Be it raw food, a cooked meal, or a menu item. We pride ourselves in creating the mouthwatering images you expect from a photography studio

Food photography services

  • menu imagery
  • print and web images
  • campaign or advertisement imagery
  • on or off site photography
  • professional food stylists on hand
  • videography services available
  • competitive rates