Videography/cinematography is a great way to capture the motion, emotion and liveliness of your project. Whether it is a wedding, a commercial, real estate or nature video, people spend more time on a video then on text.

At Azzenix Still & Motion, we help you to create the cinematic look you desire for your video. With years of creative experience, we make your video standout. Whether it is capturing a look of awe on people’s faces at your wedding or getting that perfect shot that ties your real estate video together to show perspective clients their forever home, we deliver the look and feel you desire. Using color grading, graphics and lighting, we can set the mood that will draw in viewers and hold their gaze. Giving a look that is both cinematic and inviting.

What can we do for our clients?

Video is no different then the rest of the services we provide for our clients. Whether you need a video a couple minutes in length or an hour. We take our time to get to know what it is you are looking for and encapsulate that in your video.

Through the discovery process with you, our client, we look at your needs and wants. We then craft a video that is uniquely yours.