Wedding photography is not about the vision the photographer has for your special day; it is about yours, the fairy tale ending. As a wedding photographer my job is to create the legacy of your special day.

I am a story teller, a historian, but above all else, I am telling your story!!

I love to capture the moments, and the in-between ones (the candid action). Immortalizing those moments as memories to leave you a legacy of printed art and photographs for future generations of family.

I love the energy, the intimacy and happiness shared by the couple and their friends and family on their special day. To capture those emotions through the art of photograph created together and to have you relive the sights, the sounds, the feelings of your special day is what matters the most to me.

By clicking on the consultation button we can setup a meeting either at my studio or on location to discuss your vision for your wedding photography; and together we will create memories for you and your loved ones!